Engagement, Education, Empowerment and Employment for the excluded across the Strabane District (4E’s Project)

Introduction and Background

The 4E’s project has be designed to Engage, Empower and Educate wulnerable adults across Strabane District moving them towards Employability.

The project is delivered across the Strabane District Council area, targeting both urban and rural communities. The 4E’s project has been developed by the Strabane and Lifford Women’s Centre who have established a partnership comprising of membership of thirteen organisations from the private, community and public sectors to reduce barriers to learning, well being and employment for vulnerable adults in the Strabane District. Funded by the Big Lottery Fun Live and Learn Programme, the 4E’s focuses on the following vulnerable people:

  • Men and women recovering from mild mental health problems (40% of overall programme beneficiaries)
  • Men and women  with essential skills deficits (20% of overall programme beneficiaries)
  • Men and women experiencing exclusion, deprivation, marginalisation or disadvantage across Strabane Council area (36% of overall programme beneficiaries)

The Partnership has designed a person centred approach which will engage vulnerable adults; with a clear focus on them taking charge of their own journey towards education, better health choices and employability. The central part of the process will be the development of a personal and professional development plan. The 4E’s Partnership provides a range of supports around this including:

  • Emotional support
  • Skills development
  • Work sampling/placement
  • Interview and job preparation support
  • In employment support

To date the 4E’s project has secure employment for 25 individuals.


To ensure sustainability of services provision and to provide alternative route to progression the Strabane & Lifford Women’s Centre have established a number of social enterprises that generate income that is reinvested to sustain social service provision.