Aims & Objectives


  • To address the social exclusion of women in East Donegal and Strabane District.
  • To deliver programmes of relevance to individuals.
  • To provide a supportive environment that encourages participation.
  • To sustain centre and provision of services through the income generation. (social enterprise, consulyancy, donations that will be reinvested to sustain services)
  • To contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals.
  • To increase individual’s confidence to ensure change within their lives.
  • To encourage and build the confidence of individuals to participate at different levels in society.
  • To design activities that contributes to the reconciliation process on cross community and cross border context.
  • To increase the employability of individuals through increasing the skills base and exploration of supported employment, employment or self employment.


  • To provide accessible and affordable services.
  • To consult with individuals on an ongoing basis to determine courses/programmes of interest.
  • To develop a varied tutor database, showcasing local skills where possible.
  • To ensure every woman participant is welcomed and valued at the centre.
  • To match individual needs with programmes of interest/relevance.
  • To deliver programmes that encourages healthier lifestyles.
  • To provide support to individuals to assist them to identify new direction. (employemnt, self employment, supported employment)
  • To ensure individuals have a voice and are represented at different levels.
  • To bring individuals together in a safe and non threatening environment so that they can work towards mutual understanding and tolerance and appreciate their diversity
  • To explore the establishment of various social enterprises that respond to identified need, labour market needs and provide potential pathways to employment for participants and contribute to the sustainability of services of SLWC.

Indviduals deserve to be valued with respect, dignity and empathy and need to have ownership of services and centres that they attend. Essentially individuals need to be involved in the planning and delivery of services that affect them and their families. To this endon an ongoing besis individuals at the Strabane and Lifford Women’s Centre are consulted with regularly and services are evaluated regularly.

Delivering services thet meet identified needs and taking cognisance of the external enviroment have determined the centre operaional plan for 2010 and it is planned that during 2010/2011 the centre will continue to develop service level agreements to generate an income and initiate a number of social enterprises that will test marketed before start up that will contribute to the sustainability of services in the long term and should place us in a strategic position so that we can ensure that the new changes (cost efficiency costs and spending reviews) provide us with an opportunity to secure the long term sustainability of the services delivered and not negatively impact on any way on the centre or associated service provision.

Key Management Processes

SLWC places emphasis on operating as a well governed and managed community organisation. In order to achieve this objective it has embedded the following managerial processes:

  • Development of a three year strategy to guide the organisation. The strategic planning process is led by the Board but is informed by the Centre Manager/Operational Team, Volunteers and service users
  • Completeion od ongoing evaluation and consultation with service users in order to ensure that the governance and management of SLWC is focused on creating better outcomes for its service users
  • Creation of a service users forum which feeds into governance and management
  • Creation of four sub-groups to place specific emphasis on key areas of work for the Centre; Education, Health, Marketing and Finance
  • Establishment of an annual business pan which establishes ‘hard’ targets for outputs (users, services, education events, referrals) costs and revenues. The annual business plan acts as the monitoring platform for the Centre
  • The Centre Manager presents the sub-groups and Board with a three monthly management report establishing performance against the targets established in the business plan; variances are noted and remedial startegies presented, discusses and responsibility acknowledged
  • The Board of Directors provide line management for the Centre Manager
  • The Centre Manager provides line management for team members; each team is provided with an annual job appraisal in order to confirm their support and training requirements over the incoming year
  • Engagement protocols have been developed for service users in order to ensure that SLWC provides a confidential non-judgemental person centred service
  • Protocols have been developed and adopted for tutors and volunteers
  • The Board has developed and adopted a set of policies in order to confirm governance arrangements