Open Day August 2006

An open day was held in this centre on 31st August 2006 to inform women that the centre was back on track and open for business again. 56 women attended the open day with 8 agencies delivering presentations outlining their services these are as follows;

  • The Cresco Trust
  • The North West Volunteering Centre
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Women Into Politics
  • The Cook it Project (Western HAZ)
  • New Horizons

The following individuals provided taster sessions;

  • Anne Lindsey
  • Bernie Hunter
  • Milton Porter

The open day was also used as a medium to determine what services and programmes the women wanted delivered at the centre. The analysis provides us with sufficient information to begin a delivery of courses both recreational and educational that would meet the imminent need of women at that time.

A total of 22 courses were delivered at that time with 260 participants. It is interesting to note that 78% of women had never used the centre before. The women also identified a need for a structured personal development process whereby clear progression routes would be provided.

The open day provided a launch pad and spring board for the centre to begin to cater for the real needs of women in the community but it also brought with it a realization and recognition that there are a lot of women in the community that remain isolated and marginalised from services and it is imperative and vital that groups like the SLWC must determine ways of targeting the women.

With this in mind I approached a number of health visitors, family visitors and health professionals and other community based organisations with a view to developing an informal referral system. This has been effective however we are aware that there is much more work to be done in this area.

During open day the Strabane District Council community Safety Partnership provided us with bogus caller packs and personal alarms for distribution to the women as a direct response to a number of attacks that had happened over the previous year.